My Experiments -Part 3 – Gebberish


 I have a sleeping problem, not that I can’t fall asleep but that it takes me long time to fall asleep, and once asleep, I sleep well for long time. So conclusively I waste huge time lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. So I thought let me try the Gibberish meditation, the one recommended to do before sleeping, so that the mind can be naturally exhausted. I am not a compulsive talker and I also hate to talk a lot and I feel my mind gets exhausted and I become dumb the more I talk, but still I gave it a try.

During gibberish meditation, as many times as I had done it, a new part of my persona emerges. after some initial gibberish, I end up in a state where I feel like I am a farmer, a big farmer, a wealthy one, and I start talking to my workers or labourers in my farm who I am mad and angry with, and I make many hand gestures and I feel like I am talking in ‘Kannada’ language spoken in Karnataka region of India, although I can’t speak that, thats why its gibberish. But as many times I have meditated in this I know I became this fellow, the angry farmer, its in some unconscious part of my mind, in those moments the frustrations of my life are just so apparent to me. I am just vomiting my frustrations and  angst, the act is just a mask, the reality is apathy and anger being thrown out.

After the meditation, the mind is back in turmoil, all that is tired is my mouth and my throat and I have ended pumping up more energy in my brain. So, no, gibberish doesn’t help you getting your mind tired and falling asleep. Where ever I wake up following the morning after gibberish I feel tired, and not fresh. I have also noted that if I practise Gibberish, my dreams are more superficial, like those concerning  something that happened yesterday, before sleeping. And its this dream just before I wake up is what exhausts me. I am not  a huge fan, thanks Bhagwan, but Gibberish, not for me. 




About Bodhi

I am an ardent student of life, searching for eternity in my ever chaotic life.

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