Zip Zap Zen Zen Zen


 Bhagwan said, ‘I am giving you these 112 meditation techniques, at least one will lead you to the truth, and you try all of them, you will know which one suits you, one will lead you, one has to lead you’.

So after my brief experiments with Osho’s meditations, I have known that me, I am a man of Zen. Not only that it instantly brings me to an instant peace I am able to watch my mind much more diligently.

Don’t know much about Zen at this point, but have started my new discourse series, ‘Bodhidharma- the greatest Zen Master’, feeling good about the fact that Bhagwan named me, ‘Bodhisagar’ some what similar sounding to Bodhidharma.

Hope all the Zen masters stand by me!!! 




About Bodhi

I am an ardent student of life, searching for eternity in my ever chaotic life.

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